Welcome to Top Kids Childcare & Pre-School

Top Kids Childcare & Pre-School provides long day care from 6.30a.m. to 6.30p.m. for children from 12 weeks to 6 years. We provide an advanced early learning program with above regulated staff ratios and staff qualifications, including an accredited kindergarten.

Fees are all inclusive of specialist programs, home cooked meals, consumables and incursions and excursions including weekly SoccerJoeys and Hey Dee Ho sessions!

Payment is by direct debit, weekly in arrears.

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Top Kids Childcare & Preschool Ringwood Centre is located at
30-32 Bond St, Ringwood VIC 3134
(03) 9879 8055  –  ringwood@topkidschildcare.com.au

Our Facilities

Top Kids operates from purpose built childcare centres

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In The News

Top Kids, selected as the leading Early Childhood Education Center

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Top Kids Staff

Fully qualified staff operate the centres

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Our Kindergarten program is one of the best available in Australia

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Our Resources

All resources are purchased new and evaluated on the basis of safety

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Our Programs

Top Kids programs are the real strength of the service we provide

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Our Philosophy

Top Kids is about putting children first.

We recognise the individuality of every child and take a holistic approach towards early education and care by accommodating the unique emotional, physical and psychological needs of every child.

We see it as our privilege and responsibility to equip children with the tools and experiences they need to reach their full potential in life. Respect is a guiding value of our service and we believe in the importance of maintaining respectful relationships toward each other, animals and the environment.

Our motto is “Courage and Kindness”. We seek to imbue children with the courage to believe in themselves, to develop grit and to do what is right even when it is difficult. It is also our goal to instil kindness in children toward themselves as well as others and to teach them that this also means having the patience and making the effort to understand the views of others, even if these are not your views. We aim to promote warmth and generosity of soul.

We believe in leading by example and expect our Educators and team to demonstrate courage and kindness toward each other and the community.

Academically, we aspire to be industry leaders by providing an advanced program which draws on the teachings of the Danish Forest School, Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Steiner approaches. It is a program that promotes learning through play and has been designed to prepare children for life by challenging them while remaining flexible enough to accommodate their individual needs and preferences.

While we embrace the Government’s initiatives and regulatory guidelines including the National Quality Framework, we regard these as a starting point and it is our practice to exceed standards in our pursuit to provide the leading standard of early education in Australia.